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This is our game that we made during what we called “Amnesia Weeks” , which basically a game jam, we made a game with certain theme on that day with just 2 weeks, and all that time, this is what we produce

Its a simple unlimited game, but not unlimited run, we highly inspired by game like “Papers Please” , here you play as a judge from a Planet called Salak, Salakian have a technology which can read and list all the good and bad deeds of any person you want.

In this case, you judge human being, because the Planet Earth is on verge of destruction, and your more evolve species which have technology to help the Humans have obligation to do so, but you only allowed to save good human, which means, their good deeds points must exceed their bad deeds

you can download the game on Google Play

Generic Card Game With AR

well…its been a while i posted here, theres no new work in progress project lately, except the one on the new office i work in right now, i also not join the last LudumDare because i’m quite busy that week so thats another new portfolio chance wasted



just to fill in the gap in this web, also for the draft, even tho its a bit late, i made this just for fun in march, its a generic card game in AR, using Vuforia as the AR API , quite fun project, my first time using AR/Vuforia in this case, quite easy to use and also robust,  planning to use it more on future project, but so far can’t yet come with any idea for it

Java ??!


So…to the point….I HATE JAVA !

why you ask?, i honestly don’t know, you know, my hate/dislike towards java is built up when i was in college, we use eclipse and ogre library, back then i was very comfortable with C families, means C, C++ and C# , i built up couple desktop apps, i also learn HTML 5 , javascript etc , and i don’t mind those.

but for some reason my hate towards java never ends, even when i already graduate and now working, i’m still very much dabble with C# and as you know, making game in C# with unity3D.

but recently i try to put my differences towards java, and try to open my mind, and try it again once more..

I watch couple code tutorials and what not, i start to use the Android Studio, well in the end i was quite suprise, after all this time never touch again Java again, its suprisingly easy to understand, easy to learn and have lot of common in term of structure and syntax with what i familiar with.

Of course theres some point here and there that i dislike about it, but overall its not so bad, i probably will dabble more in it in near future.

And also, i already finished the app couple days ago, its a VERY simple apps, its a score keeping apps, for all you sport nerds out there.


Visit Me ! : Easy Sport Score

I had very fun and exciting time making this app to be completely honest, my experience much better also because of the robustness of Android Studio, very powerful IDE , its not perfect, but certaintly help a lot.

Remaking Old Game

New News, i’m planning on remaking my old game

if you see and read my portfolio/game section, you’ll see “Black or White” game, its my first ever published game that i’ve done, it’s never going big , not even reach 100 download lol, well i never really promote it anywhere, since i don’t confident with the game, is it good enough or not.

First Peek !

well, theres a lot of bug in that version, and the string of text, how i programmed it, not really make sense and not efficient, and also….i lose the source code..

so yeah, thats the main reason why i remaking it, it’s going strong right now, already done the basic gameplay, polishing and UI next

End of LD 36 Compo


It was AWESOME !, i love the theme, and probably one of my favourite theme so far, and i only participate in Ludum Dare 3 times, LD 32, 34 and 36

Theres lot of people already playing and give me feedback about my game, lot of suggestion about future development of the game and such, its makes me excited and also gives me lot of idea, if….i want to develop in further, lot of work, and other back log project needed to be done

this is not exactly the best game i’ve made so far for LD compo, but tbh, its the most effective, clean in term of management and coding, even tho if you look up the source code its still looks like spagehtti

but so far i’m quite satisfied with the finish product, have some bugs, but i fixed it quite fast, and probably now all known bugs already fixed

will make post mortem soon-ish, if i have spare time

now….back to workdesk T__T

LD 36 submission (The Switch-Worker) :

LD 34 submission (Yggshroom) :

LD 32 submission (Mindblowing Voice) :

The Switch – Worker (LD 36)


This is my Game Submission for Ludum Dare 36


Play as Jack, A normal and boring guy, who work for National Telephone Company as Switchboard Operator Back in the 60s

Don’t Slacking off !, you have a very tempramental Boss, work can be tough, but you need to deal with it.


you can play it here :

and here’s the LD 36 page :

Ludum Dare 36

Ludum Dare 36 !, Are You Ready ?!

ludum dare long

Well well well….me?, totally ready !

I Skipped LD35 cause of i’m quite busy back then, but theres no reason for me to skip LD36 this time… unless… i didn’t like the theme, it’s also my reason i skipped LD 33, cause of the theme kinda not really hit me, then i lost my intereset to do it

Well, i hope you whoever read my lousy blog, have a nice day and weekend, if you join up LD 36, then i hope we both have fun 😀 .

Anyway, before you go, you can check my previous LD game here:
LD 32 game : Mindblowing Voice
LD 34 game : Yggshroom

Extra note : And i just fixed my Linkedin link on the Social Widget at the sidebar, thanks to people that pointing that out 😀

Update about Yggshroom

So…its been a long time i’m not making a blog regarding mobile version of Yggshroom…

I’m afraid to say that i might be cancel it, the reason is because its on a developing hell, i know its might be only like 5 months, but still, its a “simple” game which is in my opinion should not take that much of time.

Theres lot of conflict within myself about the design of the game, i want to make it more action-ish and engaging, yet i want it to stay true to its initial design, as a simple game…

I already made LOT of improvement and additional feature, but i feel its not enough, i feel like theres something wrong or missing, which i intent/want to improve, thus make this game always in a development hell.

I can’t really say that i cancel this game, but i delay it, one day maybe i will get myself together and make a fix design of the game.