Post-Mortem : Demonologist

Hello everyone, this is a post-mortem of my game for LD42 Demonologist, you can try it here :

lets start from something that all of us done first…well at least i did


honestly speaking….i dislike this theme, its too spesific for me and also quite frankly too generic as well, but probably its just me, i’m not very creative person in the first place, it take me quite literally 4 hours to finalize my game concept within my understanding and twist of the theme, but it also where it went wrong, i will explain later in this article.


After i finalize the concept, i go straight to gameplay, on previous LD, almost every game that i made always have this slow and “boring” pace of gameplay (you can check my complete previous LD game here : )

This time i want to make something different, something more action-y and involving, and i just happen to chose another engine this time other than Unity3D, after some googling and trying, i laid my eyes on HaxeFlixel, and this is where Basic HaxeFlixel Tutorial from Gamefromscratch comes in, after following the full tutorial, i just realize “hey…i can make a full game out of this” ( bill wurtz reference anyone? ).


For graphics, i already know this coming laughing , i can’t draw at all, i already tried and fail misserably, so i said to myself “what can i do to make it good, while also fit with timeline and my crappy drawing skill”, Atari 2600 comes to mine instantly, i based the art from the Indiana Jones on Atari 2600, while the artwork on the Main Menu i try to mimic and “copy” menu art style from most DOS game and again failed miserably.



And this is where it went wrong, i want to make something different, something that still fit in the theme but not so obvious, i want people to realize it after playing it, thats why i came up with the idea of body heat is essentially the resource and your body heat tolerance is the inventory/storage , when you fill up your inventory/storage, you died, which means you running out of space

cause i’m being a smart-ass, in the end not many people understand/realize it, it make sense in my head, but probably not in other people, or probably how i deliver my concept is the one is wrong or ineffective.


I put a quite a lot unconventional mechanic in my game, thats why i feel i need to make quite extensive guide, but just to make it like a point-to-point just feels lazy, so i want to make it interesting so player can read it with hope that they’re not getting bored, but the fact is my approach actually defeat my purpose/goal, it become a wall text with a lot of grammar error, cause people not too keen to read it.


I try to put animation on everything, but in the end i don’t have enough time to do it, and also out of idea on HOW since my main reference is Indiana Jones on Atari 2600 theres literally nothing animated on that game lol, and i can’t spend any more time to find more reference, at least that what i think at that time.


This is a mistake on my part, game feedback actually on very low on my priority, i try to add it and try on on some activity that i feel more important, but in the end i skip a lot of it, because i feels it either too distracting or just simply ugly, and in the end i have no time left.


I honestly don’t know how i feels about my entry, at one side i’m actually satisfied on what i can make and achieve in mere 48 hours with just me, but on the other side i feels like i can work harder and do more, add more, and playing a lot of real quality compo submission here enforce that mindset sigh

so thats it from me everyone, hope you like it, and hope this give you insight from my part on my process for LD42.

thank you for reading this post-mortem, and have a nice day.

Finally Ludum Dare 42 !

After many months finally i participate again in Ludum Dare !, My Last Ludum Dare is LD36 which is…quite a while ago, back then i made Switch Worker , which i actually really proud of because of the theme and the gameplay which for me quite satisfying.

On LD42 on the other hand, the theme a bit too spesific for my taste, but also very vague, thus why i can made this game within the scope of the theme

Almost everygame i made previously has been made with Unity3D, but now i planned to do something different, make the experience fresh and also frustating, this time i use HaxeFlixel framework for developing the game, its been a wholesome experience working with the lang and the framework, since its also the first time i use the languange, its frustating but also extremely fun at the same time, its easy to use and powerful framework if i say so myself !

Heres the game that i made for LD42, its titled : Demonologist

Play as Unnamed Priest in middle ages, a dark and evil plan brewing up in northern hermisphere, demons are raising, and this news travel fast to the ear of the Highest Order of the 7 Divines Temple.

You as the Unnamed Priest with outstanding and unique skill are tasked to handle the demonic outbreak near New Alexandria

Can you handle it ?, Can you delay the Inevitable ?

You can check my Submission here :
And the game on  here :


Generic Card Game With AR

well…its been a while i posted here, theres no new work in progress project lately, except the one on the new office i work in right now, i also not join the last LudumDare because i’m quite busy that week so thats another new portfolio chance wasted



just to fill in the gap in this web, also for the draft, even tho its a bit late, i made this just for fun in march, its a generic card game in AR, using Vuforia as the AR API , quite fun project, my first time using AR/Vuforia in this case, quite easy to use and also robust,  planning to use it more on future project, but so far can’t yet come with any idea for it

Remaking Old Game

New News, i’m planning on remaking my old game

if you see and read my portfolio/game section, you’ll see “Black or White” game, its my first ever published game that i’ve done, it’s never going big , not even reach 100 download lol, well i never really promote it anywhere, since i don’t confident with the game, is it good enough or not.

First Peek !

well, theres a lot of bug in that version, and the string of text, how i programmed it, not really make sense and not efficient, and also….i lose the source code..

so yeah, thats the main reason why i remaking it, it’s going strong right now, already done the basic gameplay, polishing and UI next

End of LD 36 Compo


It was AWESOME !, i love the theme, and probably one of my favourite theme so far, and i only participate in Ludum Dare 3 times, LD 32, 34 and 36

Theres lot of people already playing and give me feedback about my game, lot of suggestion about future development of the game and such, its makes me excited and also gives me lot of idea, if….i want to develop in further, lot of work, and other back log project needed to be done

this is not exactly the best game i’ve made so far for LD compo, but tbh, its the most effective, clean in term of management and coding, even tho if you look up the source code its still looks like spagehtti

but so far i’m quite satisfied with the finish product, have some bugs, but i fixed it quite fast, and probably now all known bugs already fixed

will make post mortem soon-ish, if i have spare time

now….back to workdesk T__T

LD 36 submission (The Switch-Worker) :

LD 34 submission (Yggshroom) :

LD 32 submission (Mindblowing Voice) :

Ludum Dare 36 !, Are You Ready ?!

ludum dare long

Well well well….me?, totally ready !

I Skipped LD35 cause of i’m quite busy back then, but theres no reason for me to skip LD36 this time… unless… i didn’t like the theme, it’s also my reason i skipped LD 33, cause of the theme kinda not really hit me, then i lost my intereset to do it

Well, i hope you whoever read my lousy blog, have a nice day and weekend, if you join up LD 36, then i hope we both have fun 😀 .

Anyway, before you go, you can check my previous LD game here:
LD 32 game : Mindblowing Voice
LD 34 game : Yggshroom

Extra note : And i just fixed my Linkedin link on the Social Widget at the sidebar, thanks to people that pointing that out 😀

Update about Yggshroom

So…its been a long time i’m not making a blog regarding mobile version of Yggshroom…

I’m afraid to say that i might be cancel it, the reason is because its on a developing hell, i know its might be only like 5 months, but still, its a “simple” game which is in my opinion should not take that much of time.

Theres lot of conflict within myself about the design of the game, i want to make it more action-ish and engaging, yet i want it to stay true to its initial design, as a simple game…

I already made LOT of improvement and additional feature, but i feel its not enough, i feel like theres something wrong or missing, which i intent/want to improve, thus make this game always in a development hell.

I can’t really say that i cancel this game, but i delay it, one day maybe i will get myself together and make a fix design of the game.

Ludum Dare 34 result is out!


So….how Yggshroom doing in the result?, the answer is, not that bad to be honest, i even quite glad with it, so…lets break it down, shall we?, lets do it from bottom to top


I’m not surprised, well because theres almost no innovation in my game, i copy/inspired by one of the “forbidden” game on Atari, but, what i did quite good is put it on together with new challanges/element that makes the base idea better.


I don’t have anything to say about this, its indeed supposedly not giving any mood whatsoever.


And this is also i didn’t suprised, well because i still use the random generated music, and these type of music sometimes can feel didn’t match well with the game and didn’t loop smoothly, and also i did have a wrong choice at the SFX, cause some of the user complaining that the watering sounds effect sounds like a “mistake” SFX.


well i chose to use pixel art because thats the only “art” that i can do, i’ll try to improve it on next LD with different type of art for the game


i’ll comment about this later 😀


i hit both theme!


i personally as the dev didn’t push humor as the main selling point of this game, if its there, its most likely un-intentionally, but i do glad if people find humor in my game even a little bit.


now…this is where things get real, this point is very important for me.
I honestly really glad with what i get here, rank #137 and 3.67 in Fun category is a big achievement for me, that means my game deliver what it supposed to deliver, people have fun while playing my game, and thats awesome!

So overall, LD34 result for Yggshroom not bad at all, i’m really glad with the overall score, all of them are very fair in scoring. For a second compo entry, i feel like i did a quite well done for this LD.

And for all users/players that comment on Yggshroom Page, thank you so much with all of your comment, suggestion, and critics. Its really meant a lot to me, and i learn alot from it, and i’ll improve Yggshroom further based on your comments.

Thank you.