Rama Shinta The Video Game

i can say that this game is the first game i ever “finish” , with quotation because even though this finish, theres still quite lot of bugs, the levels too few and poor performance


Black or White Revamp!

this is my first game that ever hit the android market, and my first attempt on monetizing it.

it’s a simple reflect game, you see what character on the screen, and tap the corresponden button, it’ll end if all of your lives gone.

Google Play

Mindblowing Voice

This is my game submission for Ludum Dare 32

The objective is simple, hit every person that attend to the concert with your soundwave, for better coverage you can bounce the soundwave with the copper plates that available on each side of the screen, and you can setting it with click it for maximum coverage area



Yggshroom (Alpha version)

This is my game submission for Ludum Dare 34

In this game you played as John, and you need to re-grow an ancient mushroom that you find inside an iceberg.



Play as Jack, A normal and boring guy, who work for National Telephone Company as Switchboard Operator Back in the 60s

Don't Slacking off !, you have a very tempramental Boss, work can be tough, but you need to deal with it.



This is my game submission for Ludum Dare 42

Play as Unnamed Priest in middle ages, hunting Demons for the delaying the inevitable.