Go-Jack! (Mobile Game)


This is our recent game that released about 4 days ago, named “Go-Jack”

Its an “unlimited run” genre game, very easy to play, theres tutorial in the game to teach you the basic control

in this game you played as Jack, hes an Ojek Driver (Ojek : alternative mass transport in form of motorcycle), you need to grab passenger (mark by green circle below it), and take he/she to the drop off point (mark by red circle),

Everytime you successfully drop off the passenger you’ll get some money/coins, you can use the coins to buy (or the correct term in this game is “hit”) gas to allow you play longer, or you can collect all those coins and not spend it for gas, for achieve more final score, because the final score will be Coins * Distance,

With this system we hope that the user can learn or at least know the basic concept of Resource Management, either you spend the Coins for gas which equal longer gameplay and bigger chance to collect more coins, OR you not spend the Coins but probably will achieve high score much faster
its all depend on you as the player

you can download the game on Google Play and iTunes

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