Java ??!


So…to the point….I HATE JAVA !

why you ask?, i honestly don’t know, you know, my hate/dislike towards java is built up when i was in college, we use eclipse and ogre library, back then i was very comfortable with C families, means C, C++ and C# , i built up couple desktop apps, i also learn HTML 5 , javascript etc , and i don’t mind those.

but for some reason my hate towards java never ends, even when i already graduate and now working, i’m still very much dabble with C# and as you know, making game in C# with unity3D.

but recently i try to put my differences towards java, and try to open my mind, and try it again once more..

I watch couple code tutorials and what not, i start to use the Android Studio, well in the end i was quite suprise, after all this time never touch again Java again, its suprisingly easy to understand, easy to learn and have lot of common in term of structure and syntax with what i familiar with.

Of course theres some point here and there that i dislike about it, but overall its not so bad, i probably will dabble more in it in near future.

And also, i already finished the app couple days ago, its a VERY simple apps, its a score keeping apps, for all you sport nerds out there.


Visit Me ! : Easy Sport Score

I had very fun and exciting time making this app to be completely honest, my experience much better also because of the robustness of Android Studio, very powerful IDE , its not perfect, but certaintly help a lot.

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