Ludum Dare 34 result is out!


So….how Yggshroom doing in the result?, the answer is, not that bad to be honest, i even quite glad with it, so…lets break it down, shall we?, lets do itĀ from bottom to top


I’m not surprised, well because theres almost no innovation in my game, i copy/inspired by one of the “forbidden” game on Atari, but, what i did quite good is put it on together with new challanges/element that makes the base idea better.


I don’t have anything to say about this, its indeed supposedly not giving any mood whatsoever.


And this is also i didn’t suprised, well because i still use the random generated music, and these type of music sometimes can feel didn’t match well with the game and didn’t loop smoothly, and also i did have a wrong choice at the SFX, cause some of the user complaining that the watering sounds effect sounds like a “mistake” SFX.


well i chose to use pixel art because thats the only “art” that i can do, i’ll try to improve it on next LD with different type of art for the game


i’ll comment about this later šŸ˜€


i hit both theme!


i personally as the dev didn’t push humor as the main selling point of this game, if its there, its most likely un-intentionally, but i do glad if people find humor in my game even a little bit.


now…this is where things get real, this point is very important for me.
I honestly really glad with what i getĀ here, rank #137 and 3.67 in Fun category is a big achievement for me, that means my game deliver what it supposed to deliver, people have fun while playing my game, and thats awesome!

So overall, LD34 result for Yggshroom not bad at all, i’m really glad with the overall score, all of them are very fair in scoring. For a second compo entry, i feel like i did a quite well done for this LD.

And for all users/players that comment onĀ Yggshroom Page, thank you so much with all of your comment, suggestion, and critics. Its really meant a lot to me, and i learn alot from it, and i’ll improve Yggshroom further based on your comments.

Thank you.

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