New App : AquascapeTube


Its been a while since i dabble in Java in general, the last app i made in Java for Android is Easy Sport Score and i made it spesifically for helping my friends to keep score while playing table tennis much more easier.

I made AquascapeTube cause i love Aquascape and want to contribute in the community, theres tons of great aquascape content on youtube, and i thought it will be awesome if i have a single platform to watch all of the without the mess of youtube subscribe list system, and thats why this app exist.

And after a long time not handling java or android studio and general and use it again now, i’m actually quite suprised that i can use the IDE and get use with java again quite fast, in total with learning and playing with youtube API took just about 1 day to develop the app.

I already planned to make a new app soon, and now i again want to learn another lang to make it, and i already lay my eyes on Flutter + Dart, i want to learn the framework + lang for soooooo long now, but back then (2 years ago) its still a buggy mess, and now i heard its already stabil while not yet released, but definitely already reached RC.

And heres link for AquascapeTube

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