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Yeah… i just finally have some energy to update blog again, today i wanna share to you my Game Opening scene, or more likely a trailer, for our game “Kill ’em Orcs”, which we develop for final project way back then when i still in college.

This game we made for about 6 months, all level and coding are finish (and bugged lol), but only small of the asset is completely done, its an action RPG platformer, we highly inspired by Castlevania and Megaman, also its non-linear, meaning player can back to any level they want and unlock/enter dungeon that can be unlocked only by certain item, the system is highly inspired by Tomb Rider

Sadly we not planning on continuing this project, i even forget wheres the project file is, but i probably will make something like this in the future, completely different art style, coding and stuff, but you can call it as a spiritual successor of “Kill ’em Orcs”.


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