Retired from Game Development

Yeap…you read it right fellas, i’m retired from Game Development at professional level.

There’s lot of reason why i do this, personal and industry reason.

But well, i already made my mind, its already been 1 year now i stop Game Programming at professional level, currently i’m a Web Programmer, i use Angular 6 with TypeScript for Front End, Java with Spring Boot for Back End, and Oracle for the Database.

I immensely grateful that i took the leap of faith and try new thing, because man, i do love me some web programming as well, i actually don’t really like web programming especially using Java Script when i’m in collage, but now, i just comfortable with it, its fun, i especially love Back End since i think it have the most resemblance to Game Programming i knew quite well.

But of course, i’m not ENTIRELY stop game programming, i still develop game for Game Jam like Ludum Dare etc, but i do it on hobby level, weekend project and what not.

but nonetheless, its been fun, and wish me luck with my new career journey

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