This is our newest game Supremachina

Force and Shoot your way through Evil Machinas that threatens the worlds. But beware, these machines have high survivability and you will have to cleverly Dash and Shield your way through all their laser beams and shots. With his specialized space bike ready for action, your mission is to safe the outer spaces and the longevity of galaxy and its inhabitants and bring back peace!.

This is my “first” fully 3D game project, its a lot of fun and headache, we used lot of unconventional mechanic which most we custom made

In this project we learn a lot about management in term of asset, short term goal, QA and asset management, and i personally learn a lot about coding management and structure, especially to make the boss fully customizable and tweakable by our tester and designer.

you can Download the game on Google Play and iTunes

Little Green Advocate


This is our game that we made during what we called “Amnesia Weeks” , which basically a game jam, we made a game with certain theme on that day with just 2 weeks, and all that time, this is what we produce

Its a simple unlimited game, but not unlimited run, we highly inspired by game like “Papers Please” , here you play as a judge from a Planet called Salak, Salakian have a technology which can read and list all the good and bad deeds of any person you want.

In this case, you judge human being, because the Planet Earth is on verge of destruction, and your more evolve species which have technology to help the Humans have obligation to do so, but you only allowed to save good human, which means, their good deeds points must exceed their bad deeds

you can download the game on Google Play

The Switch – Worker (LD 36)


This is my Game Submission for Ludum Dare 36


Play as Jack, A normal and boring guy, who work for National Telephone Company as Switchboard Operator Back in the 60s

Don’t Slacking off !, you have a very tempramental Boss, work can be tough, but you need to deal with it.


you can play it here :

and here’s the LD 36 page :

Ludum Dare 36

Yggshroom (Alpha version) (Web Game)


This is my game submission for LD43.

You can read the tutorial in the game main menu.

Inspired by one of the “forbidden” game on Atari (if you watch AVGN or other oldschool gamer on youtube, you probably already knew which one that i meant ).

Game backstory (made this just for fun, sorry for any grammar mistake, and don’t take it seriously ) :

John is Professor from one of the most famous Uni, about a month ago, he and his colleague found a mysterious fossil/seed in an iceberg, after long research, he found out that the seed actually bunch of ancient huge mushroom spores, he called it Yggshroom, the name derived from Yggdrasil tree from norse mythology.

After some thought, he want to revive it, but this mushroom is not like ordinary mushroom, it needs bunch of water constantly and for some odd reason it also need electricity as catalyst.

He prepare the most advance generator he can get, this generator convert and run H2O into energy, and its special metal allow it to self healing as long as it still active and got a steady amount of water.

play the game here :

Go-Jack! (Mobile Game)


This is our recent game that released about 4 days ago, named “Go-Jack”

Its an “unlimited run” genre game, very easy to play, theres tutorial in the game to teach you the basic control

in this game you played as Jack, hes an Ojek Driver (Ojek : alternative mass transport in form of motorcycle), you need to grab passenger (mark by green circle below it), and take he/she to the drop off point (mark by red circle),

Everytime you successfully drop off the passenger you’ll get some money/coins, you can use the coins to buy (or the correct term in this game is “hit”) gas to allow you play longer, or you can collect all those coins and not spend it for gas, for achieve more final score, because the final score will be Coins * Distance,

With this system we hope that the user can learn or at least know the basic concept of Resource Management, either you spend the Coins for gas which equal longer gameplay and bigger chance to collect more coins, OR you not spend the Coins but probably will achieve high score much faster
its all depend on you as the player

you can download the game on Google Play and iTunes

Super Takjil (Mobile Game)


this is a game that we develop for Ramadhan, theres 1 programmer (which is me), and 1 artist, both of us responsible for the game design overall

Made this game for about couple weeks (2 weeks if i’m not mistaken), released on Android and App store

How to Play : give the drink according to what customer ask by sliding/swipe your finger from the chosen drink to that particular customer

you can get it here : Google Play and iTunes

Mindblowing Voice (Web Game)

Title screen

This is my next game that i made for Ludum Dare 32 in 2015, with An Unconvitional Weapon theme.

The idea of the game is simple, you play as a singer with magnificent voice, the voice so powerfull that people mindblown when listen to it….literally! 😀

the objective is simple, hit every person that attend to the concert with your soundwave, for better coverage you can bounce the soundwave with the copper plates that available on each side of the screen, and you can setting it with click it for maximum coverage area

heres the link to my games page on ludum dare : LD32 Page