Update about Yggshroom

So…its been a long time i’m not making a blog regarding mobile version of Yggshroom…

I’m afraid to say that i might be cancel it, the reason is because its on a developing hell, i know its might be only like 5 months, but still, its a “simple” game which is in my opinion should not take that much of time.

Theres lot of conflict within¬†myself about the design of the game, i want to make it more action-ish and engaging, yet i want it to stay true to its initial design, as a simple game…

I already made LOT of improvement and additional feature, but i feel its not enough, i feel like theres something wrong or missing, which i intent/want to improve, thus make this game always in a development hell.

I can’t really say that i cancel this game, but i delay it, one day maybe i will get myself together and make a fix design of the game.

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